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Agilia Conference 2014 – 25-26.3.2014 – Performance Inspiration

7. January 2014 / Michal Vallo

We would like to invite you to 4th Agilia Conference, on 25-26. March in Brno. Two conference days will be extended by workshops in the days before and afterwards.

Agilia Conference 2014


Word Agile and its variants became in past year a true “buzzword”. From all sides rolls over us Scrum, Kanban and various agile transformations. There is less and less companies, where never heard about agile techniques, and there is increasing number of those, who have at least some experience. But what are the experiences? And do we really have some results at all?

At Agilia conference we will aim our focus at inspiration in improvements of organizational performance. Agility is not only something for software developers. Agility is the way how to manage modern knowledge based organizations. To achieve true results, we have to get engaged all parts of the organization. In few tens of presentations we will try to show you, what are experiences, what expert approaches are, and possibly also how to begin.


World class guru

Also this year we will see world class guru: Dave Snowden will present application of Cynefin Framework. Arie van Bennekum, co-author of Agile Manifesto, will present its view on project management in agile design. And he will be more than happy to share its experience, how it was in the beginning, when group of enthusiasts has written down agile manifesto. Gojko Adzic and Suzanne Robertson will present both their own approach to definition of requirements.


Topics for entire organization

At agile conferences we mostly meets software developers, followed by project managers as second biggest group. Agile organization is built at cross-functional teams. It does not mean, that everyone does everything, but that everyone as awareness and basic overview about work of others. That is why it is important, that developers, project managers and product managers, and also sales, marketing, HR and top management were able to work together.

At the conference, we can look forward to:

  • Technical presentations not only for developers – how to handle technical debt, and how to also debt in graphic preparation, or various types of visualization. In several presentations we will focus at requirements management and many more.
  • Project management – we will introduce time proofed and also controversial techniques of project management: Scrum, Kanban, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) and also Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).
  • Organizational management – management of company culture, management of continuous improvement, financial management, new soft experience for top management and technical leaders, case studies and experiences from implementations of agile techniques in corporate environment, in mid size organizations or highly creative environment of agencies.
  • Management of innovations and sustainable improvements – use of TRIZ technique for IT innovations, time management and many other useful things for sustainable performance improvement of organizations.



Agilia Conference in 2014 is also place for reunion of agile community from region of central and Eastern Europe. Extended space will be available for networking – meetings of speakers with visitors, to exchange observations, experience and ideas in non-formal environment. Part of the accompanying conference program will be series of workshops on various topics, such as Cynefin framework, project management technique DSDM, management of requirements, management of innovations, agile project management but also Scrum Master and Product Owner.


For whom is the conference?

Conference is not only for software developers, scrum masters and project leads. It is also important place for top management, leading managers from HR, marketing, finance product management and other professions in the organizations.


Register today

For conference and workshops you can register at www.agiliaconference.com. More information you can also find at web site of Agilia community. Video from last year of the conference can be seen at Aguarra web site.

This year, main partners of the conference are: Scrum Alliance, Scrum.org., AVG Technologies, Allegro Group, Aguarra, Scrum Mate, Faculty of Informatics - Masaryk university (MUNI), Faculty of information technology VUT, Life science faculty of Ostrava University and magazine Root.


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