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Price: 98 Kč / 1.210 HUF / 3.85 €
Price without VAT: 80.99 Kč / 1.000 HUF / 3.18 €

Aguarra Agile Cards

for agile estimation and planning

Indispensable tool for planning and estimation for you and your team. Printed in custom made paper are finest in Europe. It supports various planning techniques including Planning Poker®. Made by professionals for professionals.

The parameters of cards

  • Designed for durability.
  • Printed on fine linen custom paper.
  • Much more than „casino quality“ only.
  • Special air cushion for better agility.
  • Deck contains cards 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 40, 100, ? and relax.
  • Support estimation in Story Points and T-shirt sizes.
  • Designed in original graphic design.
  • Neatly packed in color paper tuck-box.
  • One deck contains sets of cards for four players.
  • Invoice compliant with accounting laws in EU.
  • Bonus: What is Aguarra animal about? :)
  • Simply the best in Europe!

"Really satisfied, great quality!"
Nuno Miguel Cardoso Rodrigues, Scrum Master, Sky Technology Centre, Portugal

"I just want to mention, that you sell great Agile cards. Nice design and very high quality material. I let purchase several decks already."
Richard Ross, Scrum Master, ZOOM International, Czech Republic

"The cards look really beautiful!"
Vitezslav Burda, ICT Project Manager & CSM, Czech Republic

"Pleasant to the touch. High-quality processing."
Jaroslav Orsag, Certified Scrum Master, Slovakia

"I agree they are definitely the best quality I have ever seen."
Bent Myllerup, Certified Scrum Coach, Denmark

"They are really cool :)"
L.G., Advanced R&D Supervisor, Boeing, Poland


Real Scrum. Simply.

ScrumMate is a real Scrum tool based on Scrum principles. It's simple, intuitive and efficient. Even at large projects.


  • True Scrum implementation.
  • Simple drag&drop ordering and sprint planning.
  • Product backlog management.
  • Index card style visualization combined with the efficiency of spreadsheets.
  • Tasks can be printed to index cards.
  • Assign tags to backlog items.
  • Virtual scrum board is accessible from iPad or iPhone.
  • Sprint planning and tracking.
  • Real-time forecasting.
  • Plan the velocity of future sprints using simple visual interface.
  • Informative dashboard provides you an overview of your development projects and running sprints.
  • Borderless collaboration.