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Agilia Community

Goal of Agilia Community Czech and Slovak Republics is to initiate and enforce use of agile methods in developments, management and innovations and to provide related support to technological and innovational entrepreneurship.

It gets together professionals and public among software engineers, managers and people in other professions from technology and knowledge based companies, academic institutions or non-governmental organizations. Community is platform for discussion and exchange of experience – how to exploit creative potential of knowledge workers, how to organize work in better way, how to implement new technical and methodical skills or how to improve managerial experience to organizational development and business. Community Agilia was founded in 2008 in Praha by Michal Vallo.

Agilia community:

  1. organizes regular community meet-ups in Praha, Brno, Bratislava, Olomouc, Zilina and in other towns,
  2. organizes Agilia Conference, enable exchange of experience among professionals on agile techniques,
  3. organizes meet-ups with world best experts, enables exchange with agile communities worldwide,
  4. supports activities, that increase awareness of agile techniques among professionals and general public – conferences, trainings, education, publication, certification.