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Profitability deteriorates? Do you feel stagnation? Customers complains on quality? Everything last too long? Your company grew fast and you lost control, what is really happening? People goes to work from 9 to 5 only? Are you missing creative ideas? You know that there are knowledge in your organization, but these are not disseminated and exploited? There is increase in number of rules and growing bureaucracy?

We offer agile techniques to you and your organization, the way to gain back your lost dynamics.

Agile transformation

Agile transformation is controlled shift of the organization with use of agile techniques. Transformation touches especially organizational culture, which is the way, “how we do business here” – it demands change in people’s mindset and in approach to problem solving. People must start communicate differently and take responsibility for their decisions, managers must became leaders and all organization must be more flexible in response to changes in external environment.

We offer our own know-how, based on years of experience in management of technology companies. Thus we can together create best suitable plan for your organization. Our approach contains tools for change management and also complete system of trainings and education for management or realization team members.


What you will need for transformation and what deliverables you can expect?


Largest impact on agile transformation has leadership, or also vision and goals.

Our approach will help you identify needs for change successfully and consequently design and manage your road map.

  • Simplification of organizational structure – cost reduction.
  • Flexibility in response on external change.
  • Increase of revenue.
  • Improved quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced time-to-market.

Skills and Expertise

Successful change depends on prepared people. Not only in development teams, but across the organization.

From top management to development teams we will help you discover new ways of work, effective communication, new technical skills and we will introduce new tools, which support your better collaboration.

  • New skills and expertise for people.
  • Increase in innovations and better collaboration.
  • Effective communication.
  • Leadership.


Organizational culture

Transparent company culture is important precondition for managing organization and innovations. The culture based on mutual trust and collaboration.

We will help you reintroduce into your organization culture, which supports innovation and nurture desire for permanent improvement.

  • Shift of the competence to position, where there is most information available for decision making.
  • Taking responsibility for deliverables.
  • Innovations.


Implementing agility into organization is straight forward task. However, each organization is different. Audit is diagnostic part of the project, where we try to understand problems in context of the organization, map basic processes, roles and their responsibilities. Our experienced consultants help you to recognize, where are weak parts of the organization and where may happen potential problems with your organization.

During audit we focus on:
  • Current structure of the organization
  • Basic processes and how value is created across the organization
  • Organizational culture and communication paths
  • Skills and qualifications of individuals
  • Used methodologies and match with company goals



Our coaching approaches helps people speed up application of newly gained knowledge right at their workplace. Thus they gain better self confidence in their new roles and in use of new techniques and methods. Our experienced coaches help your managers and teams find their modifications and improvements while implementing methods during agile transformation.

We provide coaching for various categories:
  • Management and leadership coaching.
  • Individual and team based coaching.
  • Fine tuning at the level of organizational teams.

Objectives and Plan

Agile transformation is not random process. Understanding of objectives and proper planning is essential like in any other transition. Our experienced consultants work with your executive team helping him to design its roll out plans reflecting specifics of the organization – small or large company, new to agile or with deep experience and many more. Our expertise is invaluable in challenging status quo and delivering radical and measurable change into organization.

We help you design right strategy that covers:
  • Clearly defined deliverables
  • Roadmap of your transformation
  • Measurable parameters to monitor transition process
  • Values, methods and communication
  • Support during process of change



Agility demands to gain great number of new skills and expertise across your organization. We help you to integrate into your transformation process stages to train new skills and expertise in various areas of your organization to help them overcome knowledge gap:
  • Agile Management – managerial skills and leadership, agile and lean principles, soft skills.
  • Agile Project Management – recognized quality training (Certified Scrum Master, KANBAN, DSDM, Evolutionary Project Management, etc.)
  • Product design and innovations – Certified Scrum Product Owner, Requirements Management, LEAN Startup, TRIZ, and many more.
  • Technical skills – Certified Scrum Developer, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Acceptance Test Driven Development, Agile Testing, Software Architecture, and similar.


„We approched Michal right at the start of an Agile transformation process of our software solution development operation, spent more than a year together in nailing down the basis of such operation. Michal has great understanding of the sftware development methods and processes, in-depth understanding of the Agile domain. We highy valued his hands-on experience in transforming an software development organization into Agile like operation. Able to handle critical situations, clear communucation and plans, good startegist and leader of the roll-out as well. Should you need a person to lead your Agile transformation or operation I would highly recommend Michal to be considered for that role.“ November 22, 2018
Zoltán Faluvegy, Executive Vice President of Software Operations, XAPT Corporation​, Hungary

„Training and consulting from Aguarra enabled us to properly initiate the Agile transformation for our European B2B Portal team. The main added value was in Michal Vallo, who gave our teams and management not only how should we do things, but also principles why. Our teams felt safer to start our Agile transformation immediately, business was finally convinced. After running Scrum with 2 customer/supplier mixed teams for 1 year, we would choose Michal again“ November 01, 2018
David Erbmann, Manager Portal B2B Europe, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe, Czech Republic / Germany

„You write great motivational emails. Thank you for it. If you lived through several transformations, you know, that beyound great vision there is also important right timing and desire for change. And this preparadeness stays at your intuition. In all cases, discussions with you are great look into the mirror.
September 22, 2017

Marek Vandák, Head of Software Development, Anasoft, Slovakia

I have attended three Aguarra trainings and I found them all to be very beneficial and professionally executed. The great advantage of these trainings are teachers, who not only understands the subject, but they have a long in depth practice in the field of that subject. Often they are also internationally recognized experts - my last training on the methodology DSDM led one of the authors of Agile Manifesto Arie van Bennekum.

Generally, I think that Aguarra trainings are by far the best courses in agile management in the Czech Republic and in particular training Management 3.0 should attend every manager (not necessarily from IT development).
“ April 4, 2014

Zdeněk Macháček, Delivery Manager, Principal engineering, Czech Republic

„Simply: With Michal we have increased Throuput of orders in PRIA SYSTEM. In 5 months we increased revenue from 700.000 CZK to 1.500.000 CZK. What to add more? Just only I have feeling, that it is even sustainable :)” October 15, 2013
Jan Podzimek, CEO, PRIA SYSTEM, Czech Republic

In 2012 we have started process of company revitalization to prepare us for international expansion. We invited Michal to join our internal Allegro Scrum Competence Team to work together and guide us through the process of change - agile transformation. Starting with top management, Agile became part of our strategic plans, in structure, in processes, in operations and in responsibilities. Quite radical change for organization with long history and culture. Later Michal trained development teams for Scrum, agile and non-agile techniques and helped us to create new roles – ScrumMaster, Product Owner or agile managers. In following months he have provided regular support, coaching and mentoring on our agile journey. During transition we have learned a lot about ourselves. We have got to the path of continuous improvement, attracted new talents and enhanced collaboration among colleagues, internal departments and with customers. And we still continue. Working with Aguarra is inspiring, radical, and often challenging us from status quo. With greatest pleasure we recommend Aguarra.” September 2, 2013
Radek Havlik, CEO, NetDirect, Czech Republic
Vaclav Liska, Webshop Segment Leader, Allegro Group, Czech Republic / Poland

“We have been working with Michal Vallo during 2011 on the improvements of the SCRUM process in Oriflame. He made SCRUM audit in our web development department. With the better understanding of the process we have opened a room for potential improvements and implementation of the best practices.

After the couple of follow up workshops and training with Michal we achieved great improvements on the level of the development team, product owners and inspire them for better communication. Since then we are continuously trying to inspect and change how we do the things.
Cooperation with Michal was very useful and inspiring. Thanks to him we have moved our SCRUM in web development to the next level.”
Rene Andrs, Web Development Leader, Oriflame Software, Czech Republic

“With help of Michal Vallo, who made Scrum Observation and Assessment in our team, we were able to boost productivity, break stagnation, and inspire team members for better communication. In time frame of 2 weeks and couple of follow-up sessions, we collected enough objective points to inspect and adjust, which leaded to about 10% raise of team velocity and open additional potential for improvements.”
Nick Entin, Vice President, Polarion Software GmbH, Czech Republic / Germany