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What is it Agilia Scrum Master Day?

2. August 2018 / Michal Vallo

We have prepared new interactive and dynamic educational program for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches – Agilia Scrum Master Day – designed as unconference – where delegates similarly to Open Space prepares their program for themselves by themselves.


When and where?

10.09.2018 in Prague


Why this format?

If you implement agile approaches into the organization, or you try to establish co-operation with a new customer, quite often you will be confronted with issues of empathy and trust. You are interested in agile co-operation, but your customer is reluctant, or your colleagues, because they do not fully understand your intentions. Sometimes, it can be useful and more effective trying instead of long lasting and painful explanations just to try simulation game or interactive exercise, which enables teams, customers, or external partners better understanding of agile approaches, how does it work the agile collaboration or mechanics of particular agile technique or methodology.

If you are Scrum Master or Agile coach, come to:

  • share your experience,
  • gain new inspiration and new ideas,
  • bring your own game and obtain feedback and opinions of others,
  • participate at the games of others and live new views on known and unknown things,
  • meet new people, who lives by agility equally as you do,
  • gain motivation to your next work


What is ahead of us?

  • Simulation games, e.g.  Ball Point Game, Lego
  • Facilitation techniques
  • Visualization techniques
  • Techniques for drawing and sketching
  • Games to support agile ceremonies and rituals
  • Relaxation techniques: e.g. Mindfulness

And many more like:

  • Zin Obelick and Mips to Berion
  • Human side of Agile: prisoners dilemma
  • Mindfulness
  • Tips & Tricks for better retrospectives
  • Customers and developers in the same train (indeed)!
  • 5 minutes activities for every meeting

and many more…


How it will work?

We have on the program 3 tracks: approximately 2 Czech and Slovak language and 1 English language (There lives quite a lot of foreigners among us).

The program will not be published upfront, we will design it on site instead. We do expect games up to 1 hour including debriefing. If you have an idea for game or simulation, contact us. We will advise you suitability or eventually let you know if there is duplicate.

The whole program is accompanied by series of full day workshops in following days, which you can purchase separately:

  • Mindful Scrum – how Mindfulness (self-awareness of feelings and emotions) helps you to link agile values and principles to gain better empathy with the customers, which should be translated into improved creativity and capability of innovation.,
  • Getting More out of Agile and Lean – you can live through exercises for agile and lean practices and learn, how to implement them onto the team and the rest of your organization, because implement „Agile“ framework itself is not enough indeed,
  • Valuable Agile Retrospectives – the facilitator of the retrospective should have the knowledge and toolbox of soft exercises which enables team to continuously better and to deliver better value


About author: Michal Vallo helps managers to understand agile techniques, benefit from its adoption to their organizations and consequently radically improve organizational overall performance. He is principal, agile trainer, coach and manager at Aguarra, founding member of Agilia community and organizer of Agilia Conference / Agile Management Congress in Olomouc, Agilia Budapest Conference and Agilia Prague conference.

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