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Agile Testing

Category: Technical skills
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Course is based on bestseller „Agile Testing“, by Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin.

This two day course explains how testers can become valued agile team members, how they contribute to delivering a continuous stream of business value, and ways to overcome common cultural and logistical obstacles in transitioning to an agile development process. It describes the values and principles that help testers adopt an agile testing mindset, and how the whole team contributes to the success of any testing practices, including automation.

Students will be shown how to complete testing activities in short iterations, and how testers contribute on a daily basis during each iteration and release cycle. Processes such as ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development) will be stressed throughout the course. Through interactive exercises and group discussions, participants will discover good strategies for driving development with both executable and manual tests. The course is filled with real-life examples of the many ways agile testers add value.


Learn, how to:

Understand how testers contribute on agile teams, how agile teams successfully cover all dimensions of software quality in short release cycles, and collaborate to deliver the "right" business value at frequent, consistent intervals.

For whom is the course?

The course is aimed at anyone on who wants to learn what testing means on an agile team. All team members will benefit from understanding their contribution and the interaction with testers on the team. Test/QA and development managers, who work with testers, will also find the course valuable. Basic agile knowledge is recommended so the participants can actively contribute with questions and shared experiences.


Course content:

Brief Intro into Agile & How Testing Fits in - Module 1

Overview of agile terminology, Agile principles - what does it mean to a tester, SDCL - Introduce agile testing activities and approach, Collaboration & Communication.

Adapting to Agile - Module 2

The whole-team approach, Overcoming common obstacles, Cultural Issues; mini-waterfalls, Transitioning typical processes, defect tracking.

Test Automation - How Testing “Keeps Up” with Short Agile Iterations - Module 3

Using Automation So Testing “Keeps up”, Value of automation, Barriers to Automation, Developing an Agile Automation Strategy, Using the Test Automation Pyramid for maximum ROI, Using The Agile Testing Quadrants for automation, What to should and shouldn’t be automated, Applying agile principles, “Thin slice/steel thread” approach.

Release Planning in Agile Projects - Module 4

Approach to release planning, How testers contribute.

Test Planning in Agile Projects - Module 5

Using the Agile Testing Quadrants, Introduction: Vocabulary, Collaboration, Plan to stay on track, Alternatives to heavy test plans, Release-level test plan matrix.

An Iteration in the Life of a Tester - Module 6

Iteration Pre-Planning, Iteration Planning, ATTD (Acceptance Test Driven Development), How testers contribute in planning, estimating, During the Iteration - Coding & Testing, How do testers keep up, The iteration demo, Retrospectives - improving your process, Celebrating success.

The End Game - Module 7

What is the end game?, Release retrospective.

Key Success Factors & Wrap-Up - Module 8

Seven Factors for Agile Testing Success, Wrap-Up; Discussion back to original problems that participants are experiencing.

Janet Gregory - co-author of the book, trainer and speaker

Janet works like agile and process consultant in DragonFire. In her consulting works she focus on agile techniques in software development, process improvements and software testing. She is co-author of bestseller "Agile Testing" together with Lisa Crispin.


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