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Introduction to Agile in the Context of Business

Category: Management
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The course shows holistically the impact of Agile in the context of business in the organization, strongly opposed to generally accepted opinion that Agile = Scrum, so it is something for IT only.

Is that you? 
  • Your customers starts demanding agile deliveries and you don’t know, how to adapt?
  • You are not sure, whether customers are ready for agile co-operation and whether both parties understands correctly agile buzzwords? 
  • Do you want to guide your customer/supplier while dealing about co-operation based on Agile and avoid misunderstandings if counterpart understands Agile wrongly or without broader context? 
  • Do you want to implement Agile into your organization even if your customers are not ready? 
  • Are you interested what are the benefits of agile culture for the organization to decide, whether it is for you? 
  • Would you like to operate agile organization, but you are unsure where everywhere you need implement changes? 

Course presents rise and evolution of Agile, the context and types of problems it was designed to help with in various parts of the organization – management, organizational structure, agile culture, regular delivery of value, importance of human capital, management of finance or software development. It explains some myths about agile techniques and in consequence shows how to utilize these techniques to building of modern agile organization.

In the course you will learn in the form of lecture, managed discussion, team collaboration in small groups, video content or simulations an idea about what does it mean Agile for modern organization. You will get also overview about current perception of Agile in the organizations and inspiration where and how to start if you want to benefit from Agile approaches for managing of your own organization. 

This course is for:
  • Owners of companies, members of board and senior management
  • Upper and middle line management, who feel endangered by change
  • Sales people, project managers, HR, purchasing departments and people from other areas outside IT
  • Leading managers of R&D or SW development

Course includes:
Agile History
  • Context of developments in external environment
  • Agile streams
  • Overview of methods
  • Agile organization, what it is and how to build it

Agile management model (philosophy of business Agile)
  • Importance of company culture for the operation of agile organization
  • Agile Transformation Framework
  • Empirism
  • Iterative process
  • Agile pyramid
  • Agile manifesto
  • Principles of Beyond Budgeting
  • Agile Culture in the organizations and its key elements
  • Cynefin and its use
  • The Golden Circle

How to understand modern buzzwords, what does they mean in real and what people expects if they understands them wrongly.
  • ​EVO
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • DSDM
  • LeSS
  • DAD
  • SAFe
Agile product techniques, which impacts design of products, services and also structure of the organization
  • Design Thinking
  • Google Venture Sprint
  • Lean Kanvas
  • User Story Mapping
Agile Contracts and Procurement
  • Foundation of Agile relations
  • Agile Procurement
  • How to proceed to create relation based on agile principles

What do you learn in the course?
  • You will learn to identify why is agile management model important in knowledge based economy and how it can help you
  • You will learn to understand current buzzwords and identify generally accepted myths about Agile
  • You will gain insight about how to design relation of partnership with the customer suitable to co-operate in the agile environment
  • You will learn to understand trends and also consequences of wrongly implemented agile techniques


About consultant – Michal Vallo

Michal ValloMichal is the first Scrum Master in the Czech Republic, founder of the agile community, agile ambassador, management innovator and organizer of agile conferences and events. He has worked as manager in several organizations.  In 2008, as a managing director Michal led the first agile transformation of the organization. Michal holds master degree in Electrical Engineering by University of Zilina and gained his MBA in 5 years program at Open University Business School in Milton Keynes, UK. He is founder of Aguarra, a lead educational organization in eastern Europe and works internationally as trainer of agile techniques, consultant and coach. He initiated Agilia - a line of agile conferences where he works as program manager, content verifier and innovator. The Agilia conferences were recognized by American website TechBeacon among the top 20 agile conferences in the world. In 2013 Michal fulfilled the entry requirements of Scrum Alliance and applied for a Certified Scrum Trainer license. Later he has withdrawn his application for personal reasons and has since worked as an independent agile professional across many sectors and countries.

Corporate edition
  • Possibility to extend invoice due date according to general sales conditions up to 60 days. 

What did alumni say about the workshop?​

"This course gave me comprehensive overview about creation and foundations of agile techniques."
Josef Frycak, Monet+, Czech Republic

"Lecturer understandably explained term and content of agility. He also provided overview of agile methods and approaches."
Lukas Josefik, Monet+, Czech Republic

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